Origin of the name Usher

I have been told the family name Usher with its variations such as Ussher, Ussier, Uscher etc date back to the Vikings. 

However along with other family names taken from their occupations, such as Baker, Butcher, Smith etc, the name Usher was taken from working as a Court Usher, originally for a King and later adopted by Lords and nobles. In more recent times it is a role used in courts of law. Theatres and cinemas and numerous other businesses have utilised the job title.

There are several theories as  to the origin of the name. One is that the name Usher is of French origin and arrived after the Norman Conquest of 1066. In France the word l’ussier means the door keeper, a job of considerable status to a king. It entailed knowing the rank and status of any one seeking to enter the  King’s chambers. Therefore the first Court Usher would have been to William the Conqueror. 

Below two differently worded ‘Scrolls’. 

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