Justin and Karlsson

Justin & Karlsson
Official Pye Records Photo of Justin & Karlsson, casual    (Dave Justin right)

Justin & Karlsson
Official Pye Records Photo of Justin & Karlsson, smart    (Dave Justin right)

Pye record

I titled this page Music of the aged as this piece of history dates back to 1966 when my cousin David Forey along with friend John Woolsgrove recorded a number on the  Piccadilly record label under the name Justin & Karlsson.

The song penned by Paul Simon was ‘Somewhere they can’t find me’  backed with a number entitled ‘What more do you want’.

Despite radio plays & TV broadcasts, it didn’t attract many sales.  The song was also recorded by Paul Simon & Art Garfunkel which probably didn’t help.
Justin & Karlsson split as a duo.

Discography includes recordings by Dave Justin

After the duo split, David went solo under the name Dave Justin

6 thoughts on “Justin and Karlsson”

  1. Sterling work Colin. I’m impressed and flattered you have given your old cousin so much space.
    It has of course made me think of creating a Dave Justin web site to showcase a whole load of stuff from the archives of this “Asteroid, if not a star” as you so elequently put it.
    Hope your site keeps building and gives lots pleasure to everyone who ‘clicks on’. Well done.

  2. Your welcome Dave. If you want to showcase more from your archives, your welcome to use this site. Plenty of room available.

    1. I was amazed that this record didn’t do very well. OK I’m biased as David is my cousin but I thought it was as good as the rest that was out there at that time. Thanks for viewing my site and your comments have been passed on to David.

  3. Hi Colin, well, I’m Karlsson!! Just to let you know Dave and I have been performing in Crete singing and playing in the tavernas for free over the last 4 years, unfortunately Dave could not make it this year due to his mum not being well, but next year we should be up and running, I have loads of picture’s if your interested and David has some recordings also, also a friend of ours, Philip has a great selection of stuff on us

    1. Hi John ‘Karlsson’
      It’s strange to be corresponding with David’s other half (musically speaking) after all these years.
      Anything you care to share for this website will be gratefully received. I’ll email you so you get my address.

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