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Dave Justin Revival

The big time wasn’t to be so David bought a double glazing business (nobody is perfect!).  In 2009 he retired, sold the business and continued singing to the yokels in pubs & clubs in his local town in Cornwall.

The recordings below were all made at his home with no professional equipment. I hope you enjoy listening to them.


Brief Fingers history … The band was formed in 1976 as a trio with Dave Justin (Guitar/vocals), Pam Dawson (Piano/guitar/vocals) and John Inglis (Bass guitar) as photo. When John Inglis left in 1978, Kevin Hart became the new bass player and when he left in 1980 Dave and Pam decided to stay as a duo. Fingers made their final appearance in 1983.
In 1981 a recording session was booked at the ‘John Knight Recording Studio’ in St Kevern, Cornwall to put down 23 tracks to help any future bass player learn the songs quickly.

Fingers mark 2
Possibly the only photo of Fingers with their second Bass player Kevin Hart

These were all recorded in 2 daytime sessions with ‘hic-ups’ left in as the tapes were never intended to reach a wider audience.
During the second day’s session Ian Dunlop, an American musician dropped in and added some bass guitar to a few tracks.
Two cassette copies were made and twenty years later the recordings were heard by a friend who transferred them to CD and put together a ‘nostalgic’ double album called “Closing Time, Mousehole”.

©Dave Justin

After Fingers fizzled out all was fairly quiet until a few years ago when he made a revival

Dave Justin

After the duo Justin & Karlsson split, David went solo under the name Dave Justin

In 1967/8 he released 4 records on the Polydor record label, but again with little success.

Discography includes records by Justin & Karlsson

In 1976 Dave formed a group, Fingers

Justin and Karlsson

Justin & Karlsson
Official Pye Records Photo of Justin & Karlsson, casual    (Dave Justin right)

Justin & Karlsson
Official Pye Records Photo of Justin & Karlsson, smart    (Dave Justin right)

Pye record

I titled this page Music of the aged as this piece of history dates back to 1966 when my cousin David Forey along with friend John Woolsgrove recorded a number on the  Piccadilly record label under the name Justin & Karlsson.

The song penned by Paul Simon was ‘Somewhere they can’t find me’  backed with a number entitled ‘What more do you want’.

Despite radio plays & TV broadcasts, it didn’t attract many sales.  The song was also recorded by Paul Simon & Art Garfunkel which probably didn’t help.
Justin & Karlsson split as a duo.

Discography includes recordings by Dave Justin

After the duo split, David went solo under the name Dave Justin